What type of clothes should my kids wear?

Because the race starts with/includes a swim, the kids will be wearing swim suits for that portion of the race.  They can complete the entire race in their swim suits or put on shorts/shirts over their swim suits in the transition area.  There will not be a location for them to change out of their swim suits during the race.

Is special equipment needed to participate?

No special race equipment is needed; however a bike helmet is required for the bike portion of the race.  During the swim, the kids may chose to wear swim goggles.  If they are not strong swimmers, they can also wear a flotation device (you must provide your own floatation). However, although they will still receive a finisher’s medal, wearing a floatation device will disqualify them from winning any of the age-group awards.

Are the kids required to wear helmets for the bike portion of the race?

Yes, kids must wear a bike helmet and will not be allowed to race without one. The helmet must be buckled before mounting the bike.

Can I participate with my kids?

Parents will not be allowed to participate with their children, but there will be plenty of room to watch them compete.  The course will have lots of volunteers that will help them along the way with directions, as well as assisting if they problems. 

How will the kids know where to go when they exit to pool, return on the bike, or go for their run?  Will I be required to help them?

You will not be required to help your kids during the race, as the course will be clearly marked and race volunteers will be present during the entire course to help them and assure they know where to go at all times.  The transition area (the fenced location where they return and depart for each portion of the race) will be clearly marked so they know where to enter and leave during the race, as well as race volunteers present to assist.  No one except race staff/volunteers and participants will be allowed in the transition area.    

Is there anything that I should make sure is done the morning of the race to help prepare them for the race?

There are a couple things that you can do to get them race ready.  Make sure they eat a good healthy meal the night before the race, as well as the morning of the race.  This will help fuel their bodies with the energy they need to complete the race feeling good.  Also, make sure that they stay hydrated during the days leading up to the race, especially when the weather is extremely warm.  Make sure their bikes are in good working order; including proper air pressure in their tires and checking that their brakes work properly.  Most importantly, set them up for what is sure to be a fun-filled experience.  They should have a pair of tennis shoes (untied and near their bike), bike helmet, and bike located in the transition area.