How do you do a virtual triathlon?

Tri means 3 events. 
  1. A traditional triathlon starts with a swim.  So if you are a lucky pool owner you are in business.  But if you do not have access to a body of water (we suspect this will be the majority) replace the swim with a 200 meter dash, skipping, jump roping, planking….the options are endless
  2. Follow this with the regular 2 mile bike
  3. Finish with a ½ mile run.
Above all else - BE SAFE.  Wear proper clothes and ALWAYS a proper fitting helmet when on the bike!

Family and friends should greet you at your finish line with lots of cheering and clapping and awarding of the race medal.

Make sure you take lots of pictures/videos and send them to us to share on social media and our website.

Because we are virtual there are no age limits, and you can participate ANYWHERE in the world!

It can be completed at any time.  We will be going LIVE on Facebook on June 27th with the Stickel kids doing the race.